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Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award as Best Book-Poetry Category from the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE) in 2017, and has received top critical reviews. 

It is a book of carefully structured poems, with rhythm, rhyme, and meticulous wordsmithing, which invariably offer critical life lessons in the form of powerful poetic punchlines.

The book also offers rare and private insights into the mind of the poet, and into the creative process itself.  General writing approach, style, and techniques, as well as the story and circumstances behind each individual poem, are shared in intimate detail.  Understanding what the poet was thinking, why he approached each poem as he did, and what poetic techniques he employed, all enable the reader to better understand, appreciate, and enjoy the poetry.

This book contains poetry for the people, a return to the days when poetry truly mattered, when bards spoke to the masses in rhythm and rhyme to share important life lessons.  Poetry was profoundly important and entertaining then, and it is in this book as well.

These poems are tightly structured.  They display a patterned symmetry and flow leading logically and inexorably to teachable moments, usually captured by powerful poetic punchlines.  Meter, rhythm, and pace render them eminently readable, lyrical, even musical.  All poems have tight and creative rhyming patterns.  Diction and syntax reflect meticulous wordsmithing with word choices, phrasing, and figurative language thoughtfully employed throughout. 

A captivating and lyrical memoir of the incredible adventures of an inner-city Detroit family during its annual pilgrimages to Northern Michigan.  Literally trading one life for another, they abandoned the city each year for more ‘exotic’ country pursuits where they learned the basics of wilderness survival and lived the simpler life of small town rural America.  The stories told invoke graphic memories and images of those magical years.

A remarkably diverse and eclectic collection of eighty-five poems written by eight poets from three generations of that family, reflecting the profound influence of those years in the north woods of Michigan.  Inspired by a grandmother’s stories and songs shared at the family wood stove in the grand tradition of oral literature, and nurtured by a mother’s love of reading and writing, this compendium includes many styles and forms of poetry.

Profound in its simplicity, this book transcends that single American family and offers lessons and morals for us all.  Nostalgic yet practical, the author acknowledges those days “Up North” as a “better place and time”, but cautions that “we can never go back”, and concludes that “in the end the best we can do is bundle up all that was good and take it with us wherever we go.”

Upcoming Projects ...



Write blogs (two per week?) regarding release of captive creativity as an essential balance to practical career choices.  Explore various art forms, particularly writing and specifically poetry, among many others. Reveal the elemental creative process with step-by-step documentation of ‘how to’ stimulate latent abilities to produce meaningful artistic work product.



Write “Mensa Densa-Misadventures” as an anecdotal personal history of ‘someone’ with a genius-level IQ who has spent much of his life doing (apparently) stupid things.  This book will be filled with a lifetime of funny stories coalesced into a series of serious life lessons.



Write “Stalking God-God, It’s Me Again” as a structured poetic series of conversations with God, exploring life’s mysteries, challenging conventions to be taken on faith, but ultimately reconciling to the need to live selflessly and well, with a deep belief in God.



Continue to create new, original structured poetry to expand upon “Bard Bart-Poetic Rhymes and Punchlines". Continue to write additional new Haiku as extension of "five seven five-American Rhyming Haiku", with important insights as to 'how to' specifically identify and create them.  


I have several short stories in mind, as well as ideas for a novel.

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