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Updated: Dec 7, 2018

I am a born creative who, like many, opted for a more predictable and practical career in order to earn a living. I have written successfully throughout my fifty plus years as a financial services business executive, but primarily award-winning business articles and other professional materials. Truthfully my laser focus on career served to suppress my true creative calling.

I have, after too many years, shifted to pursue my passion of writing poetry and books. Three such books are currently featured within this website, and I have several other serious and important projects underway. Although I have ‘started late’, my redirected focus will prove me to be prolific.

My ambitions are broad. Yes, I will present the ‘fruits of my labor’ in the form of poetry, books, and stories as I produce them. But perhaps even more important, I will blog on the creative process itself. I will provide my own insights into the writing process, including step-by-step ‘how to’ directions and examples of how to actually ‘build’ a poem. And, even more broadly, I will encourage and empower other creatives, currently constrained by necessary career choices in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, to do both.

Whether writers, artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, etc., we simply must make the effort to balance our lives. Being both practical and creative optimizes our performance in both.

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